Single release: 'Alas'

Release Alert! Our single 'Alas' is now available for streaming!

The B-side of the single, called 'Abubillana' is inspired by Extremenian (Spanish) folk music and the music of Garcia Lorca. It's a solo piece for mandolele (Ukulele tuned as a mandolin), and is a fusion of world music and classical music. The inspiration really sparked after working on a Spanish music project led by Manolo Carrasco, together with Georgina Sanchez Torres and Simon Garcia Jimenez. Thank you for this inspiration!

The first track of the single, which is called 'Rumba Vivaldi', is a piece composed by Georgina SƔnchez Torres, for cello and guitar. Just like Abubillana, the song is born out of a mix of Spanish folk and classical music.

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Single release coming up!


Our new single 'Alas' will be released at the end of this month!
The single will be containing two instrumental tracks, being 'Rumba Vivaldi' and 'Abubillana'

Radio interview at Canal Extremadura (Spain)


Both Georgina and Johan have been individually interviewed at Radio Canal Extremadura,
talking about their music and their influences.

At the end of both interview, you can hear parts of the songs that will be released soon on online platforms!

Collaboration with visual artist Manuel Mata Gil

Shambalajah has collaborated in the presentation of the exhibition of the work of visual artist Manuel Mata Gil.

The exhibition is dedicated to victims of gender violence, and took place in the context of the international day of the elimination of violence against women.

We consider the collaboration as a homage to sensitivity and female qualities, which are qualities that can be found in both women and men. We hope to take part in bringing consciousness on the theme of the elimination of violence against women, and in healing - through the sounds of our music - of the scars that have been made in their emotional and physical world.

The presentation was streamed live of the YouTube channel of the assembly of Extremadura (located in Merida), and has been presented by the television channel 'Canal Extremadura'.


'Rumba Vivaldi'

'Rumba Vivaldi' is now available on YouTube!

A Spanish rumba based on a classical composition by Antonio Vivaldi. Sound like the perfect recipe for beauty and joy. Hope you feel exactly like that, listening to this!

Videoclip: 'Ceadea'

It's here!

A very special video clip by Shambalajah featuring Georgina SƔnchez, celebrating and honoring the circle of life, the divine nature and the nature of the divine.

In co-operation with video artist Ricardo Mof and special guest musician Antoon Kindekens.

Happy summer solstice!

Some insights about a very special videoclip that is coming up!

About 16 months ago, I received the most wonderful news that my partner and me were expecting a child.

A beautiful human being, which we can happily call our son, was born nine months later.

It so happens that I just planned a small residence in the days following up to the moment I received this wonderful news, to work on the music of Shambalajah in a small country house in a little village in Spain.

Inspired by the news, I started writing a song.
These days were filled with meaningful coincidences and pointers to the new life we were expecting, helping a new song to be born effortlessly out of all this inspiration.
The song finally speaks about the circle of life and was named after the village where I was able to receive all this inspiration.

Last summer, when the pregnancy was almost reaching its top, we decided to record a video clip of the song, in the same village where the song was composed.

This picture, a screenshot from the video clip, shows the beautiful belly of my partner, who was carrying our son inside her with lots of love and dedication.

The video clip will be released this week, on the day of the summer solstice.

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Shambalajah (solo) live in Herberg Macharius: Some video's

Chega Luz: Brasilian music project

You might have noticed that Shambalajah has a passion for Brazilian music.
Following up on this passion, Shambalajah is extending its repertoire by adding more Brazilian songs.

Hope you enjoy my interpretation this quiet guitar piece called 'ConsolaĆ§Ć£o'. This song is composed by Baden Powell, which is without doubt my favorite guitar player when it comes to Brazilian music. 'ConsolaĆ§Ć£o' is one of the many pieces he wrote together with singer and poet Vinicius De Moraes.

The next newsletter will include a link to a free download of the full recording of the song 'ConsolaĆ§Ć£o'. You can subscribe to the newsletter trough this link: Newsletter

Getting ready for summer

Summer is getting closer, and we're looking forward to the coming up concerts!

Don't miss out on our next concert in Merida's theater!
More concert dates can be found trough this link

Collaboration with Galician Artist 'Robert Pier'

Robert Pier is a singer-songwriter from Galicia.
His introspective songs talk about deep experiences in his life, and his path towards the encounter with the divine.

Shambalajah and Robert Pier have collaborated for a concert in ChatNoir, Badajoz, 28/05/2023

Jackology: Shambalajah feat. Georgina SƔnchez

A live video recording of a musical set in coƶperation with Georgina Sanchez Torres will be released on Saturday, April 8th.

The video includes one song that I composed over 10 years ago, and which turned out to be perfect for this project. It's also featuring a newer song that hasn't been released before.

Hope the sparks of magic find a way to your ears and your heart!

Videoclip 'Ceadea' will premiere on june 21, 2023

International women's day is allready a few days behind, but everyday is a good day to honor feminine energy.

Feminine energy is a quality, which is found in both men and women. Feminine energy is related to tenderness, kindness, intuition, creativity, stillness, compassion and surrendering.
Let's exercise, embrace and express the feminine energy we carry within us.
This image, which is expressing some of these qualities, is part of a video-clip by Shambalajah that will be released this summer.

Jackology (Live Video)
& Encina Azul (mini EP )

On Februari 25th, there will be a simultaneous release of a live video recording and a mini EP of Shambalajah's music. Find out more about the release here

Videoclip: Ceadea

Something's cooking in Shambalajah's melting pot.

Over the last year, we've been working on a videoclip for a song called 'Ceadea'.

It includes the co-operation with Ricardo Mof, a Portuguese video artist; as well as the co-operation with percussionist Antoon Kindekens.

We are really exited to tell you more about the release of this production. If you want to stay up to date about the release of this videoclip, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter!